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Live the most amazing adventures in and around water with Kingii, the most powerful and discrete ally for your little, big sporting passions! 

Small and confortable to wear, it guarantees you the best in evey performance around water by offering you all the safety you need to feel free to dive into your next adventure.

Which will be the next one?


Escape from the routine and get some relax, but always in safety!
Kingii frees you from all the worries because it is the ideal protection to live your free time in and around water. Take Kingii with you during your weekend’s escapes, put it in your bag and wear it on your wrist with the same ease as you would wear a watch!

With Kingii by your side, water is more exciting!


When you are on vacation with your loved ones there’s nothing more practical than Kingii: protect yourself and your family it’s as easy as play a game” Kingii’s bracelet fits both children and adults, even on top of the wetsuit! Your children will feel so much safer and rensponsable that they wont’ never let it go!

Resistent, reliable, fast and easy to fasten it’s the adventure’s partner you forget to have but that can make a difference.

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