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Kingii: personal protective equipment

Who are the heroes nowadays?

Those who, driven by a strong passion and a fierce motivation, become an example for others with their own life’s experience. “Ordinary people” that turn theirselves into heroes, after they encounter water. Water: the element tha belongs to us, inspire us, establish a connection. The ultimate primal element.

The “water heroes” are the stars of Water &The Hero, the new production of the podcast’s platform gliascoltabili.it. Guided by Riccardo Felici, host of the program, they recollect their most important steps of the heros’ journey they have lived: starting, goals, obstacles, victory.

Heroes who however never forget their personal protective equipment: Kingii. 




Water as freedom, adventure, life style. A challenge against nature and ourselves. For the heros of today and tomorrow, Kingii is the perfect companion of adventure, a personal protective equipment ready to walk with you during your next challenge.

Don’t be afraid to challenge your limits: Kingii is with you.

Water & The Hero is produced in collaboration with Kingii: the smallest inflatable personal protective equipment in the world. 

Ep.1 - Luca Colombo

The “Water’s heroes” are the stars of Water & The Hero, interviewed by Riccardo Felici. First guest is Luca Colombo, the rider from Milan who with his motorbike established the world’s record distance on freshwater accomplishing the crossing of the Como’s lake during a 5.5 km strecht that goes from Gravedona to Colico at the speed of over 104 km/h.

Ep.2 - Alessandra Giannascoli

What do we mean when we talk about heroes of our time? Alessandra Giannascoli is a perfect example of it: graduated in marine biology at Ancona University, like many young people today, she struggles finding a job post university. After many defeats, she develops a wild decision: leaving Italy to seek her fortune, destination Australia. And it’s here that Alessandra will be able to fulfill her dream: working among corals!

Ep.3 - Francesco Favettini

We often think about people with disabilities as peple who live with a strong limitation of their own freedom. Nothing could be more far from the truth. Francesco Favettini knows it very well: a hero of our days because, through water and sport, proved that disability does not stop us from the possibility of express ourselves, have fun and just be who we are.

Ep.4 - Fabio Annigoni

Water can reveals positive and unexpected surprises, such as the story of Fabio Annigoni, a long time jet sky driver. In 1999, while he was in the U.S.A. to assist at the World Champion‘s Final of his own discipline, he discover K38, a company of motorbike aquatic rescue, used in cse of emergency. He decide to bring that idea in Italy and didi it: from 2000 our country is included in the net of K38, achieving the recognition of affiliated school. Annigoni, actual president of K38Italy, manages to combine his love for water rides with security and safeguarding, sharing an innovative and pioneering model.

Ep.5 - Martino Rogai

He can walk on water and, with water, he build a special bond. His name is Martino Rogai, national Stand Up Paddle (SUP) Champion, famous beyond italian borders. He is the star of this epidsode of Water & the Hero, ready to tell us a lot of incredible stuff. And when we ask him how his life would be without the aquatic element, his answer could not be more surprising…

Who will be the next hero?

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